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Nearly everyone reads their horoscope from time to time. But those of us who have an even deeper interest in astrology are drawn to seek out more in depth information. Having an astrologer look at, and explain, your birth chart can often help you better understand yourself and the choices you have made will make in the future.
But with so many astrologers out there, how do you choose the right one for you?
Yes, experience is important, but...
If you had the opportunity to bring ten experienced astrologers together to examine your chart, there would be no mistake that, for the most part, they would interpret the chart exactly the same way. What makes them all different is the way in which they communicate what they are seeing.
Finding an astrologer whose "voice"--whose style of communicating--is one that resonates with you is the most important thing when choosing an astrologer.
Think about what kind of style would most appeal to you. Do you want an astrologer who speaks in very technical astrological terms or one that is able to translate things into very basic, simple descriptions and doesn't bombard you with jargon? Do you prefer an astrologer who takes a very serious and cerebral approach, or one that sees astrology from a more creative and mystical perspective?
Some astrologers combine chart interpretation with counseling. You are encouraged to bring up an ongoing issue you are having in your life so the astrologer can pinpoint it in your chart and help you see you have the capability to change things. This can be beneficial when you have been dealing with a problem for a long time and you need a fresh outlook.
Other astrologers do no counseling whatsoever and prefer to only describe your astrological characteristics. This is beneficial during the times in your life when you're doing self-examination and want to get an even more detailed understanding of who you are.
Beforehand, know what your needs are and what you want out of an astrology reading. This will help you to better find an astrologer that can accommodate you.
While seeking out an astrologer who has decades of experience has its benefits, if you don't feel you are on the same wavelength as him/her, you will get very little out of the experience.
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How do you find the best astrologer for you?

Many astrologers have Web sites on which they offer free weekly or monthly horoscopes, free articles and astrology tutorials. In the past couple of years, astrologers have begun to offer podcasts, Web radio shows and downloadable audio. Pay attention to those astrologers who have gone the extra mile to, not just give of their talents freely, but those who share their passion for astrology. Spend a few weeks reading (or listening) to their words. This is how you can best get a sense of whether their style is one that will be of use to you.
Don't fall into the trap of believing if someone is a well-known astrologer, has been published or has made TV or radio appearances they are better than others. The key is to choose an astrologer who you feel a connection with.
After getting a sense of an astrologer based on their Web presence, request a brief phone conversation with them. Be mindful of the vibe you are picking up and how this person leaves you feeling. Like any other kind of service you seek out to help make your life better, the person you are working with should do their best to ensure you feel empowered after the session. Ask the astrologer to explain their technique and take note if what they are saying feels like it could be of value to you.
Finding, and working with, the right astrologer for you can truly be a life-altering experience. It's worth taking the time to seek one out.
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Astrology is a field where a lot of people are greatly interested in, but do not really know much about. Most people take what, about 20 seconds of their daily lives to read their daily horoscopes on the paper and then read the horoscope of a friend or of an office mate right after, and this has become a usual practice done in hundreds of offices and homes. But let us say that you really want to know more about astrology and how it affects your daily life, what should you do?
Well, the internet is a great source. If you want to know more about astrology and the things that it does to you, might as well ask the online astrologers yourself. Below are some of excellent websites with in house online astrologers that will provide you with the most useful information on and about the field of Astrology.
1. Strariq - the moment you land on its homepage, Star IQ will already give a professional impression. The online astrologers of the site draw their visitors through their well-designed website and the many options available to the first time visitor - there are daily horoscopes as well as weekly predictions, and so on. But the most interesting part of the Star IQ site are the articles that consider current events in Hollywood and even in politics and see how the stars played a role in such events. The website also provides comprehensive information about the field of Astrology as a science and its history as well.
2. Bobmarksastrologer - if you are one of the many people that are not totally convinced of Astrology's effectiveness and accuracy, Bob Marks astrology is the page for you. In the site you will find a link on the homepage called Astrology for Skeptics where there are a number of fascinating conversations shared by the editor of Skeptics magazine and Bob Marks himself. But actually, the conversation does not prove anything, but what it does do is provide the perspective that people who practice astrology have and why they believe in what they do. Aside from that, this website also has a section filled with overwhelming information about how one can understand astrology completely as well as what the technical astrology terms mean. That same section even has information about how you can interpret the movement of the stars on your own without needing the help of online astrologers.
3. Renaissanceastrology - Renaissance Astrology is a well designed website with its warm, welcoming yellows in clear, black text. The site has a lot of information about the different parts of astrology such as talisman and Horary astrology. This website also explains the fine line that differentiates the different uses of astrology as well as its different purposes.
Having an astrology reading is a very personal experience. For this reason, you need to find a skilled astrologer that you are able to easily work with. The best astrologer will be extremely compassionate and empathetic. However, the process of finding a great astrologer isn't always a straightforward process.
There are many different ways to find the skilled and trusted astrologer. One of the best ways is to get the personal referral from a friend of family member, but there is also the option to look at online resources, as well as ads in magazines and newspapers. If you aren't able to rely on a personal referral, you want to make sure to ask a potential astrologer plenty of questions to ensure they are the best match for your personal circumstances.
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What to ask the astrologer

Before deciding on a particular astrologer, it is useful to get in contact using their website or other convenient communication method and ask a few useful questions.
One of the first things to mention is your particular concern or issue and to make sure the astrologer has prior knowledge and experience in this specific area. For instance, if you are seeking guidance on past life, relationship counseling or career advice, you want to use someone who has relevant history and given readings of this nature in the past.
It is useful to disclose your religious or spiritual belief to make sure a chosen astrologer is able to accommodate your needs. If you are an atheist, you will likely prefer the reading to come from a deeply psychological astrologer, while being less inclined to have a reading from a mystical astrologer.
Also, it is worth considering the outcome or result. If you are seeking a specific result, you want to let the astrologer know to improve the likelihood of receiving the right kind of reading. It is helpful to pass along any questions to the astrologer to make sure they are fully prepared, and the reading will take the direction you intended.

Is Astrology True?

In Vedic Astrology, the Sun is referred to as a planet. This has been used by many in the West to question, criticize and even laugh at Vedic Astrology. However over the years Vedic Astrology has progressed to an extent that now most of the Research Work in Vedic Astrology is happening in the United States of America and Europe.
The Best Astrologers from India are not settled in United States and Europe and have gathered a huge following of learners and believers. Through this article the author tries to remove some of the misconceptions about Vedic Astrology and also explain to the world that Astrology is a Science.
Sun is referred to as a planet in Vedic astrology which is actually a star.
This is one of the observations in various forums and websites and posts and used as a basis to criticize astrology, however there is a history to it. In sanskrit the word graha is used to describe the sun, Graha translated into english would mean a heavenly body. It is a wrong translation Graha = Planet which has resulted in confusion in the minds of people.
Even Rahu, Ketu which are not physical but mathematical points are also called grahas in vedic astrology however the Astrology seers have given detailed calculations on the calculation of their position, hence they knew that these are mathematical points and not physical.
The Astrology Seers of the Vedic Era have given exact calculations of the Orbit of the Earth around the Sun it is well documented in the Surya Sidhanta, the translation and original is available in the German Library.
How is Astrology Relevant or is it accurate or is it scientific.
The female menstrual cycle is exactly the same as the moon cycle. The Venus cycle of setting and rising is the same as the number of days that the human embryo is in the womb.
It is statistically proven that the number of crimes committed on full moon and no moon nights is exceptionally higher, this is empirical evidence to suggest that astrology has a role to play in the human life.



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